While troops were deployed in various military roles, the need for a centralized equipment stand with ergonomic design was identified. There was nothing available outside of a cheap, thin, and flimsy wooden stand that caused stretching and stress to the equipment.​

The need for this centralized equipment stand was once again identified while Police Officers worked in the Law Enforcement field. Police Officers everyday travel from room to room within their home gathering their radio, their flashlight, and their boots, all the while their vest sits in a corner of their bedroom with other needed equipment. There just wasn’t a durable centralized and ergonomically designed product out on the market.

So we at Title Ten Manufacturing put our heads together and designed a tough, rugged, and long lasting product that incorporates all the necessary elements to centrally store duty equipment in one location.

Our Key Elements:

  • All steel construction
  • Wide stance prevents knock-over
  • Centralized gear/equipment storage
  • Quality AMERICAN workmanship
  • By Law Enforcement for Law Enforcement

“Where Warriors Hang Their Gear After Battle”

At Warrior Rack, we offer the highest quality equipment and tribute stands for Law Enforcement and Military personnel at a great low price. Warrior Rack began production, a few years ago, as a Law Enforcement and Military Veteran owned company supported by the manufacturing processes of Versatile Metal Works, LLC.

Versatile Metal Works, LLC also had ties to Law Enforcement, as its CEO and President, was a 20 year Law Enforcement Veteran himself. Warrior Rack is now a subsidiary company of Versatile Metal Works, LLC and managed daily by a 20 year Veteran of Law Enforcement.

The Warrior Rack staff is committed to making the highest quality product on the market and will help you pick out and customize the rack that best fits your needs. We offer several different equipment stands for Law Enforcement, Military personnel, the Scuba communities, and customized tribute stands for the Warriors that have sacrificed for our country and communities. If you are just looking to get organized, or pay respect to a Warrior, we have just what you need.