While deployed to Afghanistan in a military role, the need for an ergonomically centralized equipment stand was identified. There was nothing out there outside of a cheap wooden stand that caused stretching and stress to the equipment by thin or flimsy materials.
The need was once again identified while working in the Law Enforcement field. Running through the house locating my radio, then to a different room for my flashlight. All the while my vest set in a corner in my bedroom with other equipment. There just wasn't a durable centralized product out on the market. So we at Title Ten Manufacturing put our heads together and designed a tough, rugged long lasting product that is both agronomical and incorporates all the necessary elements of the duty equipment into one location.
Our Key Elements: 
- All areas of custom manufacturing
- Built for Military and Law Enforcement by Military and Law Enforcement
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- Our limitation is your imagination
- Guaranteed products with quality American workmanship
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Warrior Rack
"Where Warriors hang their gear after battle."