While deployed to Afghanistan in a military role, the need for an ergonomically centralized equipment stand was identified. There was nothing out there outside of a cheap wooden stand that caused stretching and stress to the equipment by thin or flimsy materials.
While in the development stages of the Original Patent Pending Warrior Rack we designed a rack that was both durable (unlike wood) and ergonomical in design. The Warrior Rack Kit Rack is constructed 100% of steel right here in the United States. The ergonomic design allows gear to go on and off the rack quickly and hang for long periods of time without damage to the gear. The helmet rest was designed to prevent the well know bump and fall that warriors that have used the wodden crosses know so well. I personally replaced my NVG mount on my Kevlar twice from it falling off the wooden cross I used and breaking on the ground. Not anymore! An earthquack wont move that helmet!
Key Elements: 
- 100% Steel construction
- Built for Military and Law Enforcement by Military and Law Enforcement
- Solid helmet rest to prevent damage to equipment
- Wide stance prevents knock-over
- Customization in both steel and graphics. You name it we make it.
- Guaranteed products with quality American workmanship
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Warrior Rack
"Where Warriors hang their gear after battle."